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15 - Tilt

Spring 2010


Tilt is Fuselit's 15th issue. The cover is 'jugshi tsasho' handmade paper from Bhutan, which has a subtle 'woody' smell/effect, while the illustration is based on marble-rolling maze games. Drop through the holes and you'll find poetry and prose by:

Sally Clark • Nicelle Davis • Joe Dunthorne • Suzanna Fitzpatrick • Richard Halperin • Katherine Horrex • Nicholas Liu • Jory M. Mickelson • Sian Moore • Gabrielle Nolan • John Osbourne • Phylinda Reynolds • Gabriel Ricard • Noel Sloboda

There's also illustrations from:

Kellysue Boyd • Alex Rafael & R-FL • Cathy Bryant • Trisha Zion

The CD features the ricocheting audio delights of Irish poet Ronan Murphy, whose lilting delivery bounces off 'Under Milk Wood' and tickles the ear something lovely, as well as high-scoring electro-pop from Absent Professor, which pings off the heady days of console gaming in the 90s for inspiration.

This issue's bonus booklet, Dr Fulminare's Bardgames, is composed entirely by Fuselit's editors, under the instructions of the demanding alchemist himself, and features an array of poems generated by the rules and stipulations of familiar tabletop games. These include Battleships, Dominoes, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.

We daresay that you could tip the globe this way and that and never rattle free a selection of treats that light up your scoreboard like this one!