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Contributing to Fuselit

Submissions are now CLOSED for issue 19, FOSSIL. Thank you to everyone for sending us your work. If you have sent an ammonite our way, K will be in touch, though it might take a while!

If you need to contact Kirsty, email contact@fuselit.co.uk or tweet us via Twitter. Please do not use this method to check up on submissions. Like a wizened tortoise with a sizeable crush on another tortoise who lives in the next county, K will get there, slowly and surely, a bunch of daisies in her teeth.

Here are the guidelines for historical reference. Hey, we felt nostalgic!

Each issue is built around a spur word (the word in caps in the paragraph above) and we publish work that has been created using this spur word as a starting point. If we accept your submission and you've previously uploaded it to your own site or a workshopping site we'd prefer that you take it down for a month or two after the issue is released so that we have a little exclusivity!

All contributors receive a free copy of the magazine as a thanks. We don't offer fees. All submissions are dealt with personally by Kirsty in her own free time.

Please include a biography (three to four sentences) in the body of the email with all submissions!


Our taste in poetry is ever-expanding and we make an effort to include a variety of styles, but we have generally favoured short, sharp and quirky pieces. Please send as an MSWord, Open Office or rich text attachment.


1000 words maximum, due to the small format of the magazine. Please send as an MSWord, Open Office or rich text attachment.


We will try to include all black and white illustrations/photographs we accept in the print edition but all colour artwork will be confined to the online/e-book editions from issue 17 onwards. We can also include larger or more detailed artworks in the online/e-book format. Please send artwork at a resolution of at least 150dpi.


As well as music, we're keen to feature short recordings of plays or performances and any unusual aural experiments. Space on the CD is 21 minutes so we generally prefer it if individual submissions are no longer than 5 minutes. Please send as an MP3 attachment.


Do you do something else that might suit the format of Fuselit? We will consider any form of art that ties into the spur word, from comics and sequences to collage, varieties of non-fiction or anything we haven't thought of.