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Contraption is the 17th issue of Fuselit. It was edited by Ms Kirsten Irving and designed by Mr Jon Stone. It can be read page by page, or you can jump ahead to a particular piece using the links in the contents below.

The mascot for this issue is Whirr, who is a small metal man created by Aiko Harman, and who appears in his own story on page 5:



Eureka, bold contemporaries! We present the magnificent CONTRAPTION!

Pistons a-go-go, lights a-flashing, this issue chuffs proudly into view, pulling behind it a train of scribbled, snapped and sung goodies!

From macabre tales of technological overload and dogs to kitchens full of wonder, via mysterious artifacts, automated celebrities and the agnosia of Gertrude Stein, it's an oscillating, steam-piping set-up of hitherto unwitnessed proportions!

Having tested your credulity on that, we urge you to explore the bonus content for this issue, which sees a cluster of top writers exploring the art in machines, creating poems from the very mechanics of everyday devices.

Nurture your curiosity, Fusefriends!

visual art

Christos Sakellaridis

Communist Museum I, Prague 2009
Tara Zed

Communist Museum II, Prague 2009
Tara Zed

Colin Barns

Near Meet Factory, Prague 2009
Tara Zed

Tom Moore

Inside German Aerospace Centre's 1380 research plane. Beware face-sucking cables!
Inga Vesper

comic strip


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