10 - Nude   12 - Fox   14 - Mars   16 - Jack   11 - Cabaret   13 - Aquarium  

Submissions editor - Kirsten Irving
Production editor - Jon Stone

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Half magazine, half collaborative art project, Fuselit is a London-based journal of poetry, short fiction, art and sounds. The contents of every issue are dictated by a spur word, with contributions supplied by an international array of writers and artists, both new and established.

From its ninth issue onwards print copies of Fuselit have been hand-built by the editors in an A6, pocket-sized format to give each issue a unique look and feel. We cut the pages, choose materials for the covers, print (or sometimes paint) the covers, stitch it together and add finishing touches. We burn the mini-CD that comes with each issue, design and print the labels and have started adding an extra bonus booklet of poetic experiment with every copy. A complete collection of every Fuselit to date can be kept in a small shoebox and produced at parties to delight your guests.

From issue 17, Fuselit will be available for free (or for however much you want to pay) as an e-magazine that can be viewed on this website. Downloadable e-book versions will follow at such a time as the formats grow to accommodate advanced formatting (it's a bit dodgy at the moment!) The print format will continue, but will be strictly limited to 100 individually numbered copies. This new arrangement is so that we can continue to expand Fuselit's readership without abandoning the hand-built format or losing each and every night of our lives to unending labour. Plus it will be cool!